North Delridge Walking Tour

Delridge Way, by Holli

Come join councilmember Tom Rasmussen, chair of the city Transportation Committee, along with representatives from SDOT and the Delridge neighborhoods for a walking tour and discussion of transportation in North Delridge.  We’ll talk about traffic calming, and safety and enhancements for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and transit users.  Meet at the Delridge Community Center from 3:00-4:30pm on Wednesday, January 11th.

The full list of topics to discuss will be decided during the upcoming council meeting on January 9th, but below you can find a partial list of topics which have been brought up at recent meetings.  Note that this tour will focus primarily on areas north of Edmunds St. on Delridge Way.

Bike/Pedestrian issues:

  • Safety & Connectivity for bicyclists (lack of defined lanes, especially approaching the bridge bike trail)
  • The desire to make available 26th as a Greenway route for pedestrians & cyclists (well-marked connections are vital)
  • The pedestrian light trigger at Andover needs to be automatic with light.  Pedestrians often end up waiting multiple cycles.
  • The lack of crosswalks (especially in the blocks south of Oregon st)

Transit issues:

  • Metro only AM – Northbound lane between Alaska and Andover was discussed but never established
  • PM southbound: currently afternoon parking is restricted between Andover & Oregon, but the lane is not marked.  Should this be a transit-only lane during this time?

Driving issues:

  • Traffic calming: 35mph speed limit is often not respected, especially as drivers come off the bridge.
  • Southbound Delridge south of Andover is confusing: during peak times, are there two travel lanes or one?

If you have any other ideas for what should be discussed, you can bring them up here in the comments, or come to the council meeting Monday, or join us for the walkthrough on Wednesday.  See you there!

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4 Responses to “North Delridge Walking Tour”

  1. Twitter says:

    Please consider a bicycle lane along the length of Delridge in both directions. Cyclists from all over West Seattle use Delridge because the grade is good for bicycling, and it is the most direct route south (and east).

    I know a Greenway on 26th is planned, but that route is not logical for areas south and east. As well, a sharrow on Delridge would not resolve the numerous conflicts between autos and bicyclist in the existing wide travel lanes. In the case of Delridge Way SW, dilineation between cars and bicyclists is necessary.

    Careful choices would need to be made to integrate a full bicycle lane in each direction, but it is possible with a little “give” on the turning lane mid-block, and a little “give” on parking at intersections. The street could still accommodate more landscaping and plenty of car travel capacity with such a configuration.

    • 26th ave mom says:

      As a mom of small kids living on 26th, I am thrilled at the Greenway concept. People fly down our street on a regular basis and waiting at the bus stop with a large group of elementary kids is often nerve wracking. Thankfully, we live near one of the traffic circles, but even with that, people go way too fast. The stretch right before the soccer field gets particularly fast drivers and people turning from a steep hill onto 26th without even slowing down. The traffic also triples or more on days when the bridge is backed up and drivers are angry and frustrated and not driving safely. We have a lot of bicyclists who already use 26th as a corridor and it seems like a natural fit. Also, the easy access to the Harbor avenue shore trail and bus stops along both Avalon and Delridge also makes it a good choice. As a parent of small children and one of many families with small children living on 26th this would vastly improve safety. I wholeheartedly support the Greenway project for 26th. Thanks for all your effort!

  2. Jake says:

    26th ave mom,
    Thank you for your input! Support from neighbors like you really helps the cause. As I mentioned in another post ( it looks like Delridge is on the list for 2012 greenway improvements, though it’s not yet clear that 26th will be the primary route.

    If you’re so inclined, a letter to the members of city council outlining your comment above would be very helpful in the advocacy effort. The more they see the support of neighbors, the more likely we are to get the types of improvements we desire.

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