October Meeting Minutes

Fall is here!

The October North Delridge Neighborhood Council meeting was back in the Delridge Library Conference Room. Here are the minutes from the meeting:

Greenways Update

Our guest from SDOT, John Vander Sluis and his associate, Sam explained where the project is at in the timeline. Delridge is one of four communities who applied to be funded. They have surveyed the area and are moving forward to engage the community to further facilitate the process.

SDOT will host an Open House to assess the data, cover the conceptual design and answer questions and concerns from neighbors in mid-November. As soon as they pick a date, the NDNC will add it to the Calendar of Events, add an informational blog post, and email the Google Email list with the information.

A second meeting will be held in early 2013 to present the revised data and explain the implementation process with the neighborhood.

John and Sam asked what other groups they should reach out to in the Delridge Community who would be affected by the project, and the attendees provided a list: Neighborhoods on 26ths where the Greenway will be located, Sustainable West Seattle, Feet First, DNDA, Longfellow Creek Stewards, Youngstown Flats, South Seattle Community College, SW Youth and Family Services, Highland Park Council and the High Point Council.

We also discussed the need for translation to be done on any literature distributed in the neighborhood.

The Greenways Project will span from Andover to Graham along 26th Avenue. It will bridge the Bicycling Trail from under the West Seattle Bridge onto Delridge.

Patrick asked how the project will tackle streets without sidewalks since much of 26th is uncurbed. John said that they haven’t figured that out yet, but will include that information at the big meeting.

SDOT will also ask the community for input on several key peices of the project:

- What kind of traffic calming is wanted?

- Should Signal Timing be assessed?

Sam said the biggest challenge will be answering, “How do we divert traffic?” along the Greenway.

Michael Taylor-Judd said that geography is a problem becuase 26th is already an emergency route for buses and emergency vehicles. More will be addressed in mid-November. More info here: http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/greenways.htm

Council Elections:

Amanda Leonard explained the postions and vacancies. This month we nominated the people wanting to take the roles, and in November we officially vote them into position. In December, they lead the Council. So, to keep the council running and rolling, here are the nominees and positions needing filled:

Co-Secretary – we have Rafael signed up and he needs a Co-Secretary to help fill this important role.

Co-Chair – Parie Hines has been co-chairing this past year, and the job really needs a co-person to help balance the role out and make sure the NDNC can keep up it’s pace of positive traction.

Treasurer – Kirsten Smith is up for the role, and has served the NDNC as Secretary.

The Committees this year are almost filled with Chair Persons, but they still need folks on board to serve on the commitees. They are only as effective as the people who volunteer!

The Transporation Committee nominee is Jake Vanderplas – if you’re like to join his efforts, please do. You  can come in person to meet Jake at the next meeting, or email contact@ndnc.org

The Public Safety Commitee nominee is Dorsol Plants – again this is a role requiring an additional meeting per month at the Precint Crime Prevention Meeting. Dorsol is wiling to attend both the NDNC and the Precinct meeting, but could always use help reaching out.

The Outraech Committee nominee is Amanda Leonard – this role is key to helping spread the word on the NDNC and events to bring the community together. Anyone want to help her out? If you love Tweeting, or Facebooking, let her know!

The Beautification Committee nominee is  Lisa Taylor-Whitley – she led last year and could always use help from anyone interested in helping with things like Street Clean ups, work parties to spruce up a park, requesting improvements that improves the appearance of the neighborhood. If you love to plan events, or simply want to show up and help pick up trash faithfully, please join the team.


We review the Bylaws annually. Since some Executive Committee Members could not be present, we tabled the revisions for the November meeting.

Delridge Day was a success!

Delridge Day Update: Funds

The festival was so successful with gathering sponsors and budgeting that a surplus remains. Some has been put aside for next year, and some will be used as a special fund for events in the Delridge District. For example, if someone wants to put on a fun event or host a meeting and needs money for food, they could apply for it. The attendees and execttive council memebers discussed who should manage the funds and process. It was decided to reach out to the Delridge District Council for collaboration with the Delridge Day Commitee.

Website Advertising

Topic was tabled for November.

Dakota Street Pocket Park 

Youngstown Flats Development has teamed up with neighbors to keep the application moving forward. A grant was awarded to help fund the landscaping work and alterations that are needed, but there are still more meeting before the project gets the green light. A meeting on Oct. 29th with the City Neighborhood Councils will discuss the proejct, and the next meetings to determine the fate of the project will be November 20th with the Seattle City Council, and December 3rd when the Parks Commitee and City Council convene on it.

Cider Press Reminder

When: Sunday, October 14th from 1pm-4pm

Where: 5078 25th Avenue SW (25th Ave SW and Puget Blvd SW)

We’ll meet up near the shed in the garden. What to bring:

-      Your own apples, washed and ready to press (whole, unpeeled apples are totally fine)

-      Jug or containers for your Cider

-      Snack to share

-      Water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and to keep from drinking all your fresh Cider!

-      Friends and family (many hands make light work)

 Bridging the Gap Neighborhood Street Fund - Large Project Fund

Patrick pointed out that one of the past applications from 3 years ago is happening on 25th Avenue between Brandon and Findley: they’re getting new drainage and curbing. The application process is fairly simple and anyone can submit a proejct. For proejct details and information, visit: http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/btg_nsf_large.htm

Patrick added that Delridge as a whole lacks curbing.

Matt McBride from the Delridge District Council said that even if a project doesn’t get funded, it puts the need out into the SDOT system, and makes them aware of it fo future projects.

Roxhill Playground

Matt McBride asked for help to build the Roxhill Castle Playground. Is is being rebuilt as a wooden playgorund, but it is a volunteer based build. They need 80 able-bodied volunteers who are 18 and older from November 2nd to 6th. Volunteers will be hammering, sawing and working with a Contruction Crew, so there will be a good professional to volunteer ratio. For information or to sign up visit: RoxhillCastle.wordpress.com

Everything provided for the project from new tools to food will be donated back into the community. Leftovers from meals and snacks will to to Nickelsville, and tools donated to the West Seattle Tool Library.

The next NDNC Meeting is Monday, November 12th from 6:30pm-7:45pm at the Delridge Library, 5423 Delridge Way S.W. in the Conference Room.

For questions regarding any issues, or more information about NDNC, please contact us at contact@ndnc.org.

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