Delridge Valentine

delridge valentine

Na NDNC rokovania pondelňajšieho, sme urobili rýchly brainstorming umelecký projekt vytvoriť miláčik s vecami, ktoré máme radi o Delridge. Je to celkom čistý list. Okrem krásnych prírodných miest, organizácie, podniky, a činnosti, tam boli niektoré naozaj podivné veci: skutoční ľudia, spoľahlivý výkon služby, kvety v dopravných kruhoch, Wacky metrov, and guerilla gardening to name a few.

At the beginning of the meeting, we opened with everyone giving an answer to the question: “What is one thing about Delridge that makes it different from other neighborhoods?” Here is a list of what people said:

  • most greenspace per capita in Seattle
  • Longfellow Creek
  • low number of snobby people
  • first tool library in the city
  • incredible activism and neighbor involvement
  • close to downtown, but still access to nature trails
  • solstice parade
  • more diversity
  • number of neighbors who take action (and don’t just complain)
  • Youngstown
  • a “Delridge Movewhich is the practice of using the center turn lane for passing

Lots of great discussion and energy for the coming year, with a focus on supporting small gatherings and smaller neighborhood groups.

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