Please join the NDNC for the yearly “春季大扫除” of your North Delridge neighborhood on April 26th from 10amnoon.

志愿者见面会在Delridge社区中心, 4501 delridge路SW, 并从那里打入团体.

Bags, 采摘, 和茶点将提供. All you need to do is show up in comfortable clothes!

If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact Lisa Taylor Whitley (



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Juneau staircase


在NDNC 3月份月度会议, Giulia Pasciuto, a researcher working on a project studying low-income women’s access to healthy food in Delridge, 介绍了她的研究结果. Her project was sponsored by City of Seattle Councilmember Mike O’Brien and the Seattle Women’s Commission and was instigated by a Delridge-area woman who complained to the Commission about how hard it is to use WIC benefits on healthy food. 阅读更多 »




article identifies the exact location as just east of the High Point development. “这个小区域是 29% 白, 26% 黑色, 21% 亚洲人, 16% 西班牙裔, 和 8% 等。”



请帮助我们清理自行车/行人路一街之隔的咖啡厅云雀这个星期天, 11月17日, 从上午10时至中午12时.

我们将在云雀咖啡厅见面 (3803 delridge路SW) 在那里会提供,但请您把安全锥和/或耙如果你有他们包和手套.

Fallen leaves at this time of year can make bike/pedestrian paths slippery and clog up storm drains. Even if you are unable to join us this Sunday, please clean the sidewalks and storm drains around your home if you’re able. All of us working together can make a visible difference in our neighborhood!




每社会的要求, DESC已同意重命名新建筑平房格罗夫下议院.

Thanks to Kirsten Smith, 陈淑庄Baer和DESC在这个问题上的防御性植物.

Image courtesy of Holli Margell with the Poor Seattle Shines Project


Lisa is working to set up a clean up this weekend and solicited ideas for locations. 它要求我们看的树叶在水渠,以帮助缓解下游洪水. 丽莎将电子邮件列表服务尽快清理细节.
帕特里克和Tanya计划在未来的Solstice党下月. They will announce time and location details soon.
The next WS Greenway project on 21st is beginning thier outreach with a meeting next Tuesday for community input (see post for details). Drainage is one of the big issues and our neighbors may want to voice their opinion now. What happens up on the hill has a BIG affect for those of us in the valley.
Image from Flickr user orcmid; Creative Commons License


我从邻居处得到的消息,有关会议林荫道项目于21日提出,将连接白色中心Delridge的,然后市中心. 如果你有兴趣在这个项目的输入, 11月19日的一次会议上,请注明您的日历. Details are on our event calendar (


Little Workers

十月份的会议议程 (在扬斯敦)

The theme for this month’s meeting is Doing Good in the ‘Hood with ample opportunities to get involved and hear about your visionary neighbors hard at work. Hold on to your hats because there is a lot going on!

星期一, 十月 14, 2013, 在 6:30下午 房间 103 扬斯敦文化艺术中心

Want to get involved with the council? We will be taking nominations for leadership positionsvoting in November!

We will hear from the Little Red Hen Project about their amazing urban gardening and education underway with teens at the Delridge Community Center (and many more plans to expand). We will hear from Holli with an i Photography about a visionary photography project to capture beautiful places and people doing good work in Delridge and other neighborhoods.

Mary Fleck with the West Seattle Green Spaces Coalition will present about the plan to request a neighborhood engagement process for the City Light surplus properties that are coming up for sale. We will vote on approval of a support letter for this coalition.

We will have an update about the West Seattle Transportation Coalition, with an opportunity to vote to approve endorsement of this coalition.

请参阅 full agenda for more! 希望看到你有.


Cider PressbyHolliwithani31



详细信息: 九月 29, 1-4下午@ Delridge P-补丁, 5078 25 大道 (between Delridge and 25 by the Pentecostal Church)

带来什么: 你自己洗过的苹果, and containers


阅读更多 »

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