NDNC meets the second Monday of each month from 6:30pm to 7:45pm, at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, in room 103.

North Delridge Neighborhood Council is a community organization dedicated to preserving and improving the neighborhood in accordance with the wishes of the community. NDNC strives to inform the community about matters affecting the quality of life in the area, provide leadership in addressing community needs, communicate with governmental agencies in an effort to represent the interests of the community, and cooperate with other organizations and person having similar interests.

The boundaries of “North Delridge” shall be Elliot Bay/Duwamish to the North, Myrtle Street to the South; and the tops of the ridges to the East and West – excluding Pigeon Point.  These boundaries incorporate the areas known as Cottage Grove and Youngstown.

 NDNC Bylaws

Executive Council


Michael Taylor-Judd

Kirk Laudkner


Nancy Folsom


Open position

Committees & Chairs

Public Safety: The Committee for Public Safety mission is to keep the local residents informed of issues concerning public safety. The committee attends local precinct meetings and reports back on any activity that is or potentially will be affect the residents. The committee also works with the local emergency response teams in preparing the area in the event of a natural disaster.

Public Safety Committee Chair: Mike O’Hara

Beautification Committee: The Beautification Committee’s purpose is to assist and encourage the clean up of the neighborhood. The committee’s biggest project is the Adopt-A-Street work. As a result of this project, the city has officially recognized the work with an Adopt-A-Street sign on Delridge.

Beautification Committee Chair:  Kirsten Smith

Streets & Pedestrian Advocacy Committee: The Committee for Streets & Pedestrian Advocacy’s mission is to voice the desire of local residents to city planning managers. The City of Seattle has many avenues to request new sidewalks, curbing, crosswalks and more. The committee watches for the application deadlines, prepares the requests, and does their best to lobby for the projects requested.

Streets & Pedestrian Advocacy Committee Chair:  Michael Taylor Judd

Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee’s mission is to engage the local residents and create connections between neighbors. The committee appears at local events like Delridge Day and the West Seattle Fair.

Outreach Committee Chair: Kirk Lauckner

Ad Hoc Committees

Community Design and Land Use Committee (CDLU):   The goal of the CDLU committee is to provide leadership and foster communication about opportunities for Delridge neighbors to actively engage in shaping the design of their community. The committee is empowered to convene public meetings as needed to gather and prioritize community visions for Delridge. The committee will publicize the results, communicate with appropriate leadership entities, and work towards implementation of the neighborhood’s goals.

CDLU Committee Chair: Parie Hines


General Council Email Address:  contact@ndnc.org