April Meeting Minutes

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Here are the topics covered at the Monthly NDNC Meeting on March 12:

Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund

Parie Hines discussed the availability of funding through the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund, which will provide $8 million in funding for community-initiated park development or property acquisition projects in Seattle during the 2012/2013 funding cycle.  The group discussed ideas for funding requests in Delridge, including adding small kid playground equipment to the Cottage Grove Park play area (in the green space between the existing play structure and the p-patch); pathway lighting at the skate bowl; an amphitheater at Greg Davis Park (southwest corner) for community events; and a better entryway to Dragonfly Park near All-Star Fitness.  

The Council decided to hold a community meeting specifically on this topic to generate additional ideas and solicit community feedback.

Important dates:

Technical Assistance Workshop

Wednesday, April 25   7:30 pm

West Seattle Golf Clubhouse Banquet Hall

4470 35th Ave. SW

June 11, 2012 – project proposal letter due

Sept. 17, 2012 – full project application due


Community Design & Land Use Committee Report

Parie presented the results of the Brandon Node Visioning process at a recent DESC Advisory Committee meeting.  In addition to presenting the visioning results, her message was that the community wants something food-focused in the commercial space of the DESC housing project.  Next steps will include work to set up a Brandon Node or Delridge Business Association and efforts to create a more business-friendly environment along Delridge.  Ideas for the latter included hanging banners on streetlights welcoming people to Delridge; installing bike racks at businesses; getting the City to install more streetlights through neighborhood opportunity fund grants; and finding a way to deal with streetlight-blocking trees which property owners have failed to maintain.


Delridge Alliance Report

Vonetta Mangaoang reported on the Delridge Alliance, the committee of community members and local stakeholders that was formed to represent NDNC on the DESC issue.  The Alliance has held two meetings to date and members have worked to establish themes that future meetings will be organized around.  Most recently, the Alliance met with the Delridge Produce Coop Steering Committee to get a feel for that organization’s suitability for the DESC commercial space.  This discussion is reported below.

To learn more about the Alliance, please visit both or either of the following:

Delridge Alliance

Delridge Supportive Housing Advisory Committee


Delridge Produce Coop

Ariana Taylor-Stanley of the Delridge Produce Coop Steering Committee gave the group an overview of DPC and where its current thinking lies vis a vis the DESC space.  The DPC is three years old and runs entirely on volunteer support.  Their ultimate goal is a store in Delridge that provides locally produced, organic, minimally processed foods with the lowest overhead possible.  As a coop, the store would be community owned and supported by community volunteers.  DPC has been in conversation with DESC since last December.  They are still not sure if they will be offered the space, and thus it is hard to gage community support without an actual store in the works.  They are currently focused on growing/recruitment and fundraising, and they are being advised by two groups who work on non-profit and small business development – StartZone out of Highline Community College and the Northwest Cooperative Development Center, which operates in five northwest states.  DPC will hold its next steering committee meeting on Monday, April 16 at the Delridge Library, and the public is welcome.  It was suggested earlier in the meeting, by someone who attended DPC’s briefing to the Alliance, that neighbors should be aware that DPC is probably 1-2 years out from actually having a store.  Ariana agreed that this was the case.

The group discussed concerns that the Alliance or the NDNC is being asked to approve a tenant to fill the DESC commercial space, and then we will be on the hook for insuring that tenant’s viability.  Several community members expressed concerns that we do not have the experience to be able to vet a business or business plan.  The group ultimately decided that the Alliance and NDNC can provide guidance to DESC on the types of businesses the community wants (small markets, preferably with fresh, healthy food, as well as a successful business that is well run), but we should not necessarily feel that it is our responsibility to vet potential organizations for business-worthiness.  It is up to DESC to pick the right organization for them.



Delridge Spring Clean Up

Join us this Saturday, April 14, from 10 am to noon for our quarterly Spruce Up Delridge campaign.  Meet at the Delridge Community Center for tools and supplies and we will fan out to pick up trash, prune bushes in public areas, etc.  Two hours of your time will make a visible difference in our neighborhood!  For more information, please contact Lisa Taylor-Whitley at lisataylorwhitley@gmail.com.


Gathering of Neighbors

Join your community for the Gathering of Neighbors event Saturday, April 21 at Chief Sealth High School from 11 am – 3 pm.  A community organization resource fair will take place from 11 – 1, followed by community gathering and celebration from 1 -3.  Find out more information here.


For questions regarding these or other issues, or more information about NDNC, please contact us at contact@ndnc.org.  The next NDNC meeting will be on Monday, May 14 at 6:30 pm at the Delridge Library.



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