Upcoming Elections


No, not the national elections…. NDNC elections are here.  Every year we elect a new executive council to guide our neighborhood through the many issues that affect us daily.  Your current council details can be found on the About Council page.  This year, the schedule is as follows:

Oct 8th – Nominate candidates

Nov 12th – Vote on candidates

Dec 10th – New chairs take office

Every position is open for nominees every year.  Per our bylaws, the positions with description of duties is as follows:

Co-Chairs: The duties of the co-chairpersons shall be to preside at all NDNC meetings and executive committee meetings, prepare agendas for such meetings, report on the actions of the executive committee, maintain momentum of programs initiated by the NDNC and perform such duties as the NDNC may assign.  The co-chairpersons shall be members of the executive committee.

Co-Secretary: The secretaries shall notify the membership of the next meeting date, time and place withing a few days prior to each meeting.  Ohter members of the executive committee may also perform this duty.  The Secretary shall maintain a list of active members, names, addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.  The Secretaries, with a summary of actions taken and assignments made ready to be presented at each subsequent meeting shall maintain minutes of the NDNC meetings.  The secretaries shall be members of the executive committee.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive and disburse funds as instructed by the Executive Committee and the NDNC in accordance with the laws and regulations relating to nonprofit organizations.  The Treasurer shall file appropriate reports and shall be a member of executive committee.  Reports on the financial position of the NDNC shall be presented at each meeting of the NDNC.

Standing Committees

Public Safety:  The Committee for Public Safety mission is to keep the local residents informed of issues concerning public safety.  The committee attends local precinct meetings and reports back on any activity that is or potentially will be affect the residents.  The committee also works with the local emergency response teams in preparing the area in the event of a natural disaster.

Beautification Committee:  The Beautification Committee’s purpose is to assist and encourage the clean up of the neighborhood. The committee’s biggest project is the Adopt-A-Street work. As a result of this project, the city has officially recognized the work with an Adopt-A-Street sign on Delridge.

Streets & Pedestrian Advocacy Committee:  The Committee for Streets & Pedestrian Advocacy’s mission is to voice the desire of local residents to city planning managers. The City of Seattle has many avenues to request new sidewalks, curbing, crosswalks and more. The committee watches for the application deadlines, prepares the requests, and does thier best to lobby for the projects requested.

Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee’s mission is to engage the local residents and create connections between neighbors.  The committee appears at local events like Delridge Day and the West Seattle Fair.

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