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Delridge Supportive Housing Advisory Committee Meetings  at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Room 110

These meetings are open to all interested and there will be an opportunity for public comment on agenda items.  DESC and the Delridge Alliance established the Delridge Supportive Housing Advisory Committee in order to engage interested neighbors to collaboratively address issues of concern and solicit their advice on the project operations impacting the Delridge community. Upcoming meetings:

Monday, May 7, 2012—6:30 p.m. Meeting will focus on site design and will include a presentation by DESC’s architects.

Monday, June 4, 2012. Advisory committee members will visit other DESC Supportive Housing facilities. (No meeting will be convened at Youngstown.)

Tuesday, June 12, 20126:30 p.m. Committee members debrief site visit, then finalize site design recommendations.



February 21, 2012


March 6, 2012

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Meeting highlights—Members discussed committee scope, as defined by community and developer representatives, public officials and city and county funders: “The committee will work to develop a common understanding of the project design, housing model and services to be offered by DESC at the project site. The intent of the advisory committee is to have DESC and the neighborhood work together to identify, discuss and act upon issues of neighborhood concern.  The decisions of  the committee will be documented and will constitute recommendations to DESC in how to proceed in development and/or operations of the project.”

Members also established agenda and minutes processes: as much as possible, future meeting agenda items will be determined at the previous meeting.  Still, draft meeting agendas will be circulated to members at least seven days prior to the next meeting.  Members will have two days to communicate desired changes to all committee members.  An additional two days will be set aside to finalize agendas, which will be circulated to members and posted on DESC’s advisory committee webpage by no later than three days before the scheduled meeting.

Finally, it was agreed that meetings should be held on alternate days of the week and should begin at 6:30 p.m.

March 27, 2012

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Meeting highlights—The meeting began with public comments, during which Jane Appling committed to maintaining harpdcopies of project and committee materials at the Delridge Library.

Second, Parie Hines, NDNC Co-Chair, presented the results from the Brandon Node Visioning Open House, as well as the results from a retail analysis of a grocery store for Delridge (see her post here). Parie was followed by Delridge Produce Co-op (DPC) board members explaining their vision, goals, and resources. Both presentations were followed by question-and-answer from all meeting attendees. Bill Hobson explained that DESC wants to select a commercial tenant that will be acceptable to the community, and therefore requested that Alliance members signal whether or not DPC met that standard. Alliance members indicated their concern about selecting DESC’s specific tenant, due primarily to their inexperience in commercial business planning and operations. It was agreed to the tenant discussion should be taken up at the next meeting.

Committee members then began to delineate neighbor concerns as a precursor to future meeting planning. Many concerns were described, but of note were: Angela Goodman, representing adjacent neighbors, stated that based on her conversations with neighbors, she believes their greatest concern is the likely increase in drug activity in the Brandon Node area. Not only does the potential for increased vandalism, mail theft, and loitering that accompany drug activity concern neighbors, but more critically, the  dealers that the increase in “customers” will attract, which could result in a “turf war.” Jane Appling said that she has concerns about traffic impacts. She would also like to know more about how she and other business operators can be prepared to interact and serve DESC’s residents. Finally, Vonetta Mangaoang described neighbors’ concerns about aggressive, unpredictable behavior by DESC’s residents, especially because of the facility’s proximity to a library, daycare, and elementary school. All agreed that another meeting was necessary to more fully flesh out neighborhood concerns and organization of future meetings.

April 12, 2012

Agenda         Minutes (pending)

Meeting highlights—First on the agenda was a follow-up to the DPC discussion from the March 27 meeting. Vonetta presented a list of community recommendations, based on discussions with NDNC leaders, neighborhood business operators, and the grocery store study presented by Parie at the previous committee meeting, for DESC to consider when selecting its commercial tenant. (To review the full list of recommendations, please review the agenda above.)

Recommendations focused on desireable tenant characteristics (experienced and well-capitalized, able to provide employment opportunities to neighborhood residents, and whose prices reflect an understanding of the Delridge market) and proposed metrics to establish tenant viability (thorough business and marketing plan, parking plan, staffing plan, etc). Community recommendations also described potential negative impacts to future economic development in the neighborhood of a failed business— sends message to business owners and city that Delridge cannot support business.

Jane Appling reiterated that the community’s highest priority for any Delridge neighborhood business is viability. She asked that if after a thorough review, it is determined that an organic produce/green grocer cannot be supported by the community, that DESC returns to the advisory committee to seek additional input on tenant selection.

The committee then reviewed key dates for DESC’s Delridge project and focused in on planning the next three meetings.  Please see meeting listings above for details.



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Delridge Supportive Housing Advisory Committee



Master Use Permit (MUP)—Land Use decision Type II



The Delridge Alliance is an advisory work group organized by the North Delridge Neighborhood Council to gather input and prioritize the community’s concerns regarding the DESC Supportive Housing Project; to help the community envision our goals for the DESC space; and to actively work with key decision makers to represent the community’s needs throughout the DESC project timeline.

The Delridge Alliance and DESC established the Delridge Supportive Housing Advisory committee, which is made up of DESC representatives, Delridge Alliance members, and other project stakeholders.

The individuals appointed by the NDNC to represent neighborhood stakeholders (Alliance Advocates) are:

To contact your Alliance Advocate please email


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